What are the benefits of a mediated divorce?

Since divorce is already a tough process, some spouses may find it more beneficial to participate in a mediated divorce. These kind of divorces require the cooperation of both spouses to meet with a mediator that acts as a neutral party. Instead of going to court and pushing themselves through an even more emotional process, the spouses can work on creating a written agreement with a mediator.

When mediation is successful, it may only last a few sessions while other divorces may last much longer. Couples can take as much time as they need to resolve issues and come to an agreement. Due to the shortened time period, mediated divorces have proven to be less costly as well. Not only do the spouses save money, the courts save money, too. Since spouses choose mediation, they are more inclined to work toward a positive outcome. They also have more control over the situation. If spouses were to enter into litigation, a judge would be in charge of making decisions. When a judge makes decisions on behalf of the couple, it could make the two parties unsure about their futures. Mediation provides spouses with an opportunity to make decisions for themselves.

Since mediation is confidential, both parties may be more willing to open up and be honest during the process. This can help keep important issues a top priority. During a divorce, spouses must also think about how the rest of the family will react. Children involved in divorces create an even more complicated situation that may be more emotional. Mediation allows for an easier process that can provide a better example for the children. These kids can see how their parents tried to come to the best conclusion possible in a cordial way. In addition, the parents may be able to work together more easily in the future regarding matters of the children.

Mediation is not for everybody. Couples must be willing to work together and set aside their differences to resolve outstanding matters. Some couples may be better suited for a litigated divorce because they are simply unwilling to cooperate with the mediation process. The willingness to communicate with one another is the key to success in a mediated divorce. If you are considering getting divorced in Massachusetts, it is important to discuss your options with an experienced attorney. Contact our firm today to determine whether mediation can be beneficial to your family.

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