Who has the ability to end mediation?

Mediation can be a beneficial process for spouses due to a variety of reasons. First of all, they may not have to enter into litigation to decide on issues for their marriage. Litigation can prove to be time-consuming and costly due to attorney fees that continue to add up. When couples enter into mediation, they can decide on issues at their own pace. They may only need a few sessions to complete all the decisions that need to be made. Other times, they can take more time to thoroughly go through the decision-making process for each marital issue. Since this process is focused on the cooperation of both parties, it can be impossible to complete when spouses cannot communicate with one another. If this seems to be the case, either spouse is able to end the mediation process. This may push them to enter into a contested divorce that requires court.

How is mediation more beneficial than litigation?

During divorce mediation, couples can have an input on how decisions are being made for their marital issues. They can voice their concerns on child custody arrangements and how much time they need with their children. They may be more open about these issues in mediation since it is in a more private setting. This process also encourages the cooperation of both parties, which can help them maintain a level of respect for one another. If the spouses will have to continue to work together due to children in the marriage, this process can maintain a healthy relationship between them. Sometimes in court drama can occur that can strain the relationship between the spouses even further. By going through mediation, they may be able to work together to encourage a good relationship for co-parenting. This can set a good example for the children. It may help ease the children’s worries when they see their parents working together. If the parents cannot even stand to be in the same room together, it can cause emotional distress to the child and make them insecure in their safety. They may be concerned about how things will change due to the divorce. By working together, parents can show that is everything is going to be just fine and the children can be comforted.

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